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Belgrade is a vibrant center for Contemporary Art that galvanizes the cultured public with its numerous museums and galleries. In order to enable Viennese artists to take active part in the cultural events in this city, the BILDETAGE curated two exhibitions in Belgrade, called „GROUNDED“ and „DREAMLIKE“. The two shows are taking place in July 2010, each open to the public for one week.

The Project “curated by BILDETAGE” has been prepared in cooperation with KC Grad, Galerija FLU and the Austrian Cultural Forum.

GROUNDED 11.07.-16.07.2010

IIn the framework of grounded, the work of seven photography-artists, approaching different places, will be presented. The pieces approximate the boundaries of photography in form, technique and content. They show options of how to capture a place with a camera.

Artists: Daniel Bachstein, Susanne Buchinger, Boris Jawecki, Susanne & Martin Scholz-Jakszus, Thomas Linton, Laurent Nostitz, Markus Sepperer and Helmut Steinecker

Opening Saturday 10.07.2010, 7 pm

KC-Grad Evropski Centar za Kulturu i Debatu GRAD

Brace Krsmanovic 4, Beograd

HYPERLINK www.gradbeograd.eu

Open daily 5 pm – 10 pm