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Time is Love
curated by Kisito Assangni

screening 28.10.2011 19hrs

Time is Love is an annual show taking place at different venues around the world for each edition. Kisito Assangni is an artist and post-globalization curator currently living between London and Paris. His artworks and projects primarily question post-globalization impact and psychogeography. His works have been shown internationally, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Arnot Art Museum, New York; Musee des Arts Derniers / Galerie Octobre, Paris; The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago; Bluetenweiss, Berlin; New Art Projects, Beijing; Sint-Lukas Gallery, Brussels; Arad Art Museum, Romania among others. He is the founder and curator of Time is Love Screening. If you are interested in submitting or hosting the screening, please contact us at: timeislove@mail.com / Coordinator: Annabelle Boko / Poster designer: Studio St-Ambroise

Beteiligte K√ľnstlerInnen
1- Adamo Macri (Canada), OOC, 5'51'', 2007
2- Antti Savela (Sweden), My way, 4'50'', 2010
3- Eric Fong (China), Chinese Diagnosis, 2'20'', 2010
4- Guy Wouete (Cameroon), Le dilemme divin, 5'21'', 2009
5- Jennida Chase (USA), A truly scary movie, 3'29'', 2009
6- Joas Nebe (Germany), Expectation, 2'10'', 2009
7- Kika Nicolela (Brazil), Naked, 3'22'', 2008
8- Kisito Assangni (Togo/UK), Wall dancing2, 3'16'', 2008
9- Lane Last (USA), Ancient rhythm, 3'02'', 2009
10- Lemeh42 (Italy), Et Dukkehjem, 2'17'', 2008
11-Martin Dege (Germany), Un nu dans l'escalier, 2'20'', 2006
12- Neil Howe (Australia), When i grow up, 8'18'', 2010
13- Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), After big bang, 3'44'', 2009
14- Pauline Horowitz (France), Mes amoureux, 4'41'', 2009
15- Rachel Maclean (UK), Science is fiction, 5'08'', 2008