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Georg Oberhumer gives a five-hour-exhibition at TENT’s Auditorium in Rotterdam in cooperation with Bildetage - Association for Contemporary Art. Oberhumer’s work What a Stimulating Recreation consists of a licking video and a lollipop object and is dealing with the concepts of art, work, studio, creation, and response.

12:00-17:00 hrs
TENT Auditorium
Witte de Withstraat 50
3012BR Rotterdam
010 4135498

About the work
I’m standing in the studio and licking a big lollipop. I’m doing this for nearly 11 hours until the lollipop is completely gone. While I’m doing this, my classmates are working in the studio too. They are painting, drawing, writing, listening to music, talking, having guests, and doing a lot of other things. It’s all in the video, in the somehow cloudy background of the studio scenery.

Second part of this work is an even bigger model of a lollipop. You get an electric shock, when you grab it. It’s wrapped in about twenty of those wrappings usually covering such lollipops of which I licked one.




Exhibition view, Rundgang 2011, Academie of Fine Arts Vienna