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Bildetage presents videos by Avi Krispin and Erik Alkema

Bildetage selected videos by Avi Krispin (IL/NL) and Erik Alkema (NL), whose works reflect on different kinds of possible usage of the medium for the artistic practice. Avi Krispin is always working on a high technical level, many of her works involve several actors, complex lighting and sophisticated recording facilities.
Erik approaches video more as a sculptor or a painter. He uses the screen as a frame and a canvas. An extra dimension to expand and to stage the sculptural worlds he creates in his personal and unique textile imagery. Despite a certain sense of humour, what many of the works have in common is a conceptual approach as well as the strategy of expression by assuming a role.

[.BOX] Videoart project space
Via Federico Confalonieri 11,
20124 Milano


(in order of appearance):

There Was a Time When Men Died for Honor
2012 12 min 51 sec
Avi Krispin

Space Odyssey
2001 2 min 37 sec
Erik Alkema

Wild West Thuis Best part 2
2008 1 min 23 sec
Erik Alkema and Simone Bennett

A Killer Reunion
2011 7 min 54 sec
Avi Krispin

Express Yourself
2006 3 min 16 sec
Erik Alkema

Mainland People
2008 5 min 42 sec
Avi Krispin, Erik Alkema (in collaboration with Steven de Jong)

Monokino's New Kid
2010 music video 3 min 33 sec
Erik Alkema

3 min 58 sec
Avi Krispin

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